5 Benefits of Rechargeable

Did you know hearing aids are now rechargeable? It’s taken a long time for researchers to develop the technology, but we finally made it! It’s worth the wait as there are some major advantages to rechargeable devices.


  1. They save you money

Rechargeable batteries can save you $$ in the long term. On average, hearing aid users will spend around $160-$200 per year on batteries. Not to mention the time it costs to pick them up (along with fuel)!

  1. You won’t miss out

Have you ever been sitting in an important meeting and your hearing aids go flat? Well, no more! Your rechargeable batteries will last all day so you don’t get caught without your hearing aids.

  1. Better for the planet

Rechargeable batteries mean less waste and the more we can do to contribute to healthy planet, the better! With most hearing aid batteries only lasting a week, that’s over 100 batteries a year, per person, going into the abyss.

  1. Equal function in all weather

You may not know this but hearing aid batteries (zinc-air) don’t function well in cold temperatures. Without adequate moisture and the colder temperature, batteries drain much faster.

  1. Easy to use

Rechargeable batteries are easy to use. If you have difficulty handling small objects, hearing aid batteries can be very difficult to change. Rechargeable hearing aids don’t have all the fuss with stickers, battery doors, and positive/negative sides. Just pop them in the charger and off you go!

Talk to you audiologist today to learn how you can get the newest rechargeable hearing aids.

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