5 Tips to Improve Verbal Communication


We are hardwired for connection with one another. One of the most common ways we connect is through verbal communication, especially speech. If we lack good communication skills or have limited resources for communication, it can significantly impact our social interactions. Take a look at some helpful hints for good verbal communication.

1. Always face the person you are communicating with

Seeing facial expressions is a useful tool for communicating and understanding. You may not even realise it, but we all do some lip-reading because it’s easier to understand when you can see someone’s mouth. That also means avoiding a conversation from a different room (which is sometimes easier said than done).

2. Take your time

Speaking slowly and articulating sounds is incredibly useful for clear communication. It doesn’t mean you have to over-annunciate but take care and don’t rush through your words. Pause between sentences and look for confirmation your communication partner has understood.

3. Use a comfortable volume

Speaking louder doesn’t usually translate to better clarity or understanding. In fact, it can distort sound and make it more difficult to understand. Use a volume that’s comfortable to speak for an extended period of time.

4. Repeat with different words

If there is a communication breakdown, try using different words to get the same message across. If your communication partner didn’t understand the first time, it’s unlikely they’ll understand the second time without additional or different clues.

5. Pay attention

Look at your communication partner to see if they give hints of misunderstanding or confusion. If you’re seeing signs they aren’t following, ask a question or engage your partner to get more information. They may not feel comfortable asking for repetition.

Using effective communication strategies for dealing with hearing loss can improve your interactions with others and enhance your social experiences. It might take time to implement these strategies, but it’s worth the effort! 


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