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5 Tips to Keep Your Ears Happy This Summer

Wednesday 15 Dec 2021

Whether you’re heading to a music festival, getting ready to tackle the garden, or looking forward to hitting the waves this summer - it’s important to protect your hearing. Taking care of your ears and being mindful of your environment will go a.

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Can You Get Hearing Loss from Headphones?

Tuesday 02 Nov 2021

Listening to your favourite music or putting on the latest podcast can be a great way to relax and unwind. However, it could also be the cause of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) over long periods of time. Recent studies indicate that high levels.

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Hearing Loss in Dogs: What Does it Look Like?

Monday 06 Sep 2021

Making sure your dog is happy and healthy is a top priority for any pet owner, but hearing loss can be very difficult to pick up. There are some breeds that are more prone to hearing loss, but it’s possible for any dog to lose their ability to hear..

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5 Celebrities with Hearing Loss

Thursday 29 Jul 2021

There are a number of celebrities who face the challenges of hearing loss and tinnitus in their everyday lives. We’ve highlighted 5 of our favourites who have worked hard to overcome obstacles associated with hearing loss. Take a look at our top.

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Your Fundamental Guide to Hearing Loss

Tuesday 08 Jun 2021

Hearing loss is a complex subject, so we've pulled together a handy guide that has all the best information in one place! We take you through the common symptoms of hearing loss to help you understand whether it might be affecting you, then we.

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Can Hearing Aids Stop My Tinnitus?

Friday 14 May 2021

Tinnitus is a phantom sound generated somewhere within the internal auditory system. In other words, it’s the perception of sound when no external source is present. Tinnitus is a common symptom of auditory damage and many people experience it, in.

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The top 5 features of smart hearing aids

Friday 07 Jun 2019

Picture this. You wake up in the morning, and put your hearing aids in - nothing new, you've been using hearing aids for a few years now. You swipe your phone screen, open an app, and select your favorite morning pick-me-up song which streams.

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10 common causes of hearing loss

Friday 07 Jun 2019

A large portion of the population has some form of hearing loss. In fact, the World Health Organisation estimates that there are 466 million persons in the world with disabling hearing loss (6.1% of the world's population). There are plenty of.

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