Factors that influence success with hearing aids

There are a number of things that can impact how well you adjust and adapt to new hearing aids. It takes practice and time for your brain to be comfortable with changes in sound. Here are our top five influencers to a successful change.


1. Having Support from Friends and Family
With positive reinforcement, support, and encouragement from friends and family, clients have the highest success with hearing aid outcomes.

2. Perceived Hearing Loss
When discussing hearing loss, education is vital. Many clients underestimate the amount of hearing loss they have and compromises are made. Generally, clients who understand their hearing difficulties prior to obtaining hearing aids are more successful with amplification.

3. Being Positive
Individuals with positive attitudes towards hearing aids are often more successful with their hearing aids. Education is important to share the benefits of using hearing aids and how technology will continue improving and providing positive results.

4. Ease of Management
It is important to match the correct hearing aids to the right individual. We want a hearing aid that can be cleaned and handled with ease. Rechargeable hearing aids have taken the hassle away from changing batteries and improves the ease of management.

5. Hearing Aids are Fitted Correctly
When getting new hearing aids, it is vital that the hearing aid performance is verified using Real Ear Measurement, a diagnostic test that determines how the hearing aid is functioning in your ear. This ensures that the hearing aids amplify the right information and improves speech clarity.

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