Heart Health = Hearing Health

Did you know your cardiovascular health is linked to hearing health? It’s true! Our ears are extremely sensitive to blood flow and the oxygen it delivers. However, the veins and arteries that supply our ears with oxygen are very small, so any disruptions to the delivery of oxygen can quickly impact our hearing.

Hearing Health

As with many things, we are rapidly learning about the interconnectedness of our bodies. What impacts one aspect of our overall health, impacts many other aspects. Our ears are no exception. Within the organ of hearing (also known as the cochlea) sits the stria vascularis – an important cog is the wheel of hearing. Not only does it create the fluid that facilitates neural stimulation in the ear, it is the point where oxygen-rich blood enters the cochlea. If there is any disruption to blood flow, the stria vascularis is the first part of the ear that suffers. It’s one part of the why-we-lose-our-hearing-as-we-age theory.

Long story short, keep up with your heart-healthy activities - it’ll help keep your hearing healthy too.

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