Holiday CHear

We’re soaring into the holiday season! There are many joyful sounds to be heard over this exciting holiday season. We asked our local audiology team what their favourite Kiwi holiday sounds are…

Laughter Sounds

  • Waves crashing on the summer beach
  • A cacophony of children giggling
  • The scrunching of wrapping paper being thrown into the corner
  • The sudden jingle of bells when the dog’s tail hits the Christmas tree!
  • The pigs squealing with excitement as the kids throw them some leftovers
  • The familiar rapid bubbling of baby potatoes boiling on the stove

When we think of these sounds, we can’t help but smile! What noises makes your Christmas special? Is it an organised chaos of voices and music? Or perhaps an idyllic hum of cicadas and birdsong in your backyard? The sounds around us have such a powerful impact on our wellbeing. We hope everyone enjoys hearing this wonderful holiday together.

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