A Thank You from Us: Why Supporting Local Makes a Difference

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For many of us, the lockdown during COVID was a challenging time. In some ways, it was an unexpected opportunity to spend time with family and reconnect with things at home, but in other ways, like managing and running a non-essential business, the lockdown was difficult.

We’ve been so fortunate that our New Zealand communities have supported us before and after this time. It reminds us how important it is to support all local businesses and how much we value and appreciate your support.

If you haven’t thought much about it, consider why it helps to support local businesses.

  1. Well-supported locally owned businesses mean families can spend more time at home because the adults are efficient with the time spent at the office or clinic, giving them the chance to grow and foster healthy relationships at home.

  2. The more your local businesses earn, the more they can spend to support other local businesses. In other words, the less financially strapped your business neighbour is, the more they can spend with you to help your business grow.

  3. Supporting local helps build strong communities. COVID lockdown was a great example how important it is to be self-sufficient – reduced overseas imports and exports hits hard when we rely too much on them.

New Zealand Hearing clinics are 100% owned by the audiologists working there. We are a network of independent practices that strive to bring the best hearing care to our communities. When you work with your local audiologist, you help support a family, a business, a community, and a dream.

Thank you all so much for your constant support for our clinics. We couldn’t do it without you!


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