Symptoms of Tinnitus

Have you ever wondered if you have tinnitus? Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no external source exists. It's also described as phantom sound, similar to phantom limb pain experienced by amputees.


If you're just starting to learn about this phenomenon, you may not yet know to call it tinnitus, but if you have the following symptoms, there's a good chance you have it. 

Some people hear tinnitus as a buzz, almost like flies or bees, where as others might describe it as cicadas.

This is possibly the most common word used to describe tinnitus. For many people, it sounds like a constant high pitch tone.

Although similar to ringing as it typically identifies high pitch tinnitus, hissing usually means more than one pitch is involved and sounds more like high pitch noise rather than individual tones.

People who experience soft, low pitch tinnitus are more likely to describe it as a humming sound.

Like humming, roaring tends to be low pitch but often associated with loud tinnitus.

If you've noticed any of the above sounds (or others not listed), contact your local hearing expert to discuss your symptoms and learn more about the condition.

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