There's An App For That: Tinnitus

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a common problem. Experts  estimate 15% of adults in New Zealand have tinnitus1. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly what causes tinnitus and there's no known cure. The good news, however, is we have ways to help people manage the perception of their tinnitus. AND, you guessed it, there's an app for that. 


In fact, there are many, many apps. Most of them are noise generators designed to help mask the sound of the tinnitus. Some might say creating more noise to dampen other noise sounds like adding to the problem, but many people get relief from these apps. We've listed a few of our faves below.

  1. Whist - Tinnitus Relief by Sensimetrics Corporation. There are two versions of Whist - lite (free) and full ($1.99 USD). The Lite version gives you a good idea of what's included in the full version so we'll chat about that option.
    • What we love: Personalized. You can match your tinnitus to get the most effective matching option
    • What we don't love: on the free version, you can't save the sounds you create.
  2. Resound Tinnitus Relief by Resound. Free app download.
    • What we love: lots of different types of sounds and a management plan to help you gauge changes to your tinnitus. You can also combine up to five sounds together.
    • What we don't love: it's not a personalized match to your tinnitus.
  3. Tinnitus Aid: Help Ear Ringing by Phase4Mobile. This is the free version of the more robust Tinnitus HQ app.
    • What we love: many different sound options. Paid version offers tinnitus matching.
    • What we don't love: the free version is quite limited in options and they push to get you to upgrade to the advanced app. 

This is by no means a comprehensive list of options and there are many other management options. If you have questions about tinnitus and managing your tinnitus, contact your local audiologist to learn more.

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