Will Hearing Aids Hold Me Back from an Active Lifestyle?

Will Hearing Aids Hold Me Back from an Active Lifestyle?

A change in hearing shouldn’t determine how active you are.  If you’re someone who doesn’t want to get slowed down, you may have asked yourself this question – "will hearing aids hold me back?". The answer may not be as easy as ‘yes’ or ‘no’, rather it might be better to say, "they don’t have to".

1. A Change in Routine

There’s no doubt about it, a change in routine is disruptive. If you’re new to hearing aids, just remembering to put them in your ears might be a nuisance and adjusting to a new sound can take time. However, hearing well should outweigh these challenges and enhance your active life, rather than hold you back!

2. Connecting With Your Smartphone

From planning your activities to executing them, your hearing plays an important role. Did you know many hearing aids can connect with your smartphone? With these Bluetooth® compatible devices, planning is easier and keeps you connected with friends and family so you can enjoy your excursion without misunderstandings. Your phone and video calls will go straight to your ears, making the conversations clear and handsfree – a benefit regardless of how well you hear.

3. Comfortability & Versatility

Birds chirping, the swish of your golf club, kids laughing – these sounds should exist on your adventures. Hearing aids today are comfortable enough to wear all waking hours, they are water-resistant, and manage background noise. Some even translate languages for you! No matter what type of hearing aid you have, they should stay in your ears even when you’re moving. Whether it’s yoga, cycling, running, or golfing, hearing aids should work with you, not against you. 


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