The top 5 features of smart hearing aids


Picture this.

You wake up in the morning, and put your hearing aids in - nothing new, you've been using hearing aids for a few years now. You swipe your phone screen, open an app, and select your favorite morning pick-me-up song which streams straight through your hearing aids in stereo quality.

Your neighbour arrives for a cup of tea and rings the door bell - your music pauses and the bell rings clearly in your ears.

The best part? You can hear everything your neighbour is saying, even over the background noise of the lawnmower across the street.

 A hearing aid isn't just a device you pop on in the morning to enhance your hearing anymore. Smart hearing aids are life enhancing, making every day activities easier by using artificial intelligence (AI) to adapt to your surroundings and needs.

We've researched the top 5 features that smart hearing aids can offer - and we bet there are a few in there that might surprise you.

1. Hearing aids use Bluetooth connectivity

First and foremost, the big difference between previous hearing aids and the new generation of smart hearing aids is Bluetooth connectivity. While the added feature of connectivity used to drain batteries to the point of uselessness, technological advancements have improved battery life dramatically - so you can now feel confident using all of your new features out and about.

With Bluetooth capability (that now lasts), the variety of functions have expanded to include most devices that use Bluetooth:

- Smart television streaming
- Hands-free car connectivity
- Direct link to your smart phone

Bluetooth creates a link between your hearing aids and the technology people use day-to-day to enhance your experience while using them. There's no longer a need to turn the television volume up to full, or turn the radio down every time someone speaks - Bluetooth takes care of that for you and is all controlled via your smart phone.

2. Comfortable, completely wireless and adapt to your needs

It's really important when you're wearing your hearing aids to feel so comfortable you don't really notice they're there. Smart hearing aids are completely wireless and, after years of design improvements, are more comfortable to wear than ever before.

Ideally, you put your hearing aids in first thing in the morning and keep them there for the rest of the day. Smart technology and hardware improvements accommodate this so you can hear, every time.

The best part is your hearing aids are so intelligent, they're constantly learning and adapting to your preferences over time. The more you use them, the more they adapt automatically to your ideal settings throughout the day - and in turn, the less you have to adjust settings on your phone or other mobile devices.

3. Hearing aids are now online

You might be thinking, while a lot of hearing aids are Bluetooth capable, most of your devices rely on the internet to function. When it comes to today's hearing aids, this holds true.

Smart hearing aids utilise internet functionality to improve your overall quality of life. This means you can trigger your lights without touching a switch, adjust the thermostat, set the alarm, or turn your hearing aids on and off, without even lifting a finger.

You can also receive notifications tailored to your lifestyle. Your hearing aids will notify you when the battery is low, the laundry is done, or someone is ringing the door bell. You'll never miss a beat again.

4. 360 degree hearing & advanced functionality

Traditionally, hearing aids dealt with noisy environments by suppressing surrounding sounds so you could focus on the person directly in front of you. Smart hearing aids broach new territory with a 360 degree sound experience, making sense of the sounds around you in a bustling environment and allowing you to focus on multiple speakers, and essentially choose what you want to listen to.

In a world where people are constantly making sense of the environment, taking in background noise, and hearing the important parts of every conversation, you can imagine the freeing benefits this smart technology supports.

As your smart hearing aid is connected to your smart phone, there are a few extra features that further enhance functionality.

- Your hearing aid preferences are now fully controllable on your smart phone screen. You can adjust volume, decrease background sounds, change the volume of other connected devices and really personalise your hearing experience.

- If you're familiar with experiences such as struggling to hear a teacher in a classroom or not quite catching every word in a meeting, smart hearing aids allow you to place your smart phone next to the speaker across the room and stream their voice directly to you - crystal clear.

It's a whole new world of enhanced functionality.

5. Custom made hearing aids to suit you, personally

Everyone's hearing loss and daily experiences are vastly different and the best hearing aids accommodate to the specific needs of the listener. Smart hearing aids are fully customised to your needs, fit to suit your hearing loss, and how you listen to and interpret sound. They're comfortable to wear and offer a wide variety of options so you can select the size, colour, and purpose that reflects your needs.

It's all about having a device that works with you and slots into your everyday life naturally, enhancing it for the better. There is no doubt that smart technology hearing aids achieve this.

Feel like it might be time to look at hearing aids to enhance your lifestyle? Contact us today to get started!

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